Leveraging human insights

Consulting & technology solutions

Discover how your spaces impact

on and support people

Stop the guessing game – use data driven design

  • What adds or detracts from staff experience on a daily basis?
  • What would help retain tenants?
  • How do students rate new learning spaces?
  • How healthy is your building?
  • What ideas do people have to create a more functional space?

Trends don’t always mean better spaces.

We help by providing actionable data about the people in your spaces, to support your decision-making.

Our consulting services and technology is based on decades of research into user comfort & occupant experience.

We work across built environment sectors, providing user experience evaluations for various lifecycle stages

  • Planning and design

    Planning, design, change management

  • Build

    Pre and post new build, refurb or fitout

  • Commissioning

    During commissioning period

  • Occupation & management

    Optimise management during occupation

We assess your needs, and match the services and technology required for your project

University Campuses

Staff and student experience across university buildings and campuses

Single Office/Portfolio

Single office buildings or asset portfolios of commercial buildings

High Rise Residential

High-rise residential apartments. Engage with residents to understand comfort, satisfaction and health factors.

Aged & Health Care

Hospitals, aged care and health care. Engage residents, patients and staff about their buildings and facilities.

Local Government

Local government buildings, public spaces and infrastructure. Use online tools for stronger community engagement.

Custom Solution

Every project and building is different. We can create custom options based on project needs.

Tap into actionable intelligence to optimise end-user experiences, and use people powered insights to inform asset decisions

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