Tony NguyenOrganisational & Environmental Psychology Lead

Tony Nguyen BA (Psychology & Business) Hons, MSc (Organisational Psychology) Candidate

Tony Nguyen is a provisionally registered psychologist specialising in industrial-organisational psychology. Tony’s industry experience spans across several domains (HR, health and safety, digital marketing, human factors, and professional services), populations (academics, business professionals, executives, and military personnel), and types of organisations (startups, consultancies, and ASX listed companies).

Tony’s specialty lies within his proven ability to successfully combine psychological science with business practices to drive positive change. He attributes this success to a good understanding of the science, a pragmatic mindset, technological savvy, and an ethical framework. Tony is accredited in a number of psychological tools for profiling and development, and is able to create evidenced-based interventions for a variety of outcomes. He also publishes on his personal website at

He’s also very fond of coffee.